The Invitation (2015)


10 Words or Fewer Summary: That feeling when the party might be a cult brainwash…

The tension mounts and mounts in this moody, slow-burn thriller in which a dinner party among friends appears to be a cover for something far more sinister. The Invitation is well-directed, with a fine sense of pace and unsettling details, and it pays off in a dynamite third act which helped place the film on lots of year-end Top 10 lists last month. The acting isn’t polished and the film could’ve been a genuine classic with more likable characters and a sense of humor. But The Invitation does impressive justice to its theme of mismanaged grief and features a ballsy, unexpected final shot that serves as an ode to outrageous genre closers of the past — it has the same absurd, transcendent power as the end of the original Planet of the Apes.

Author: Ted Pillow

Ted Pillow writes. He tweets @TedPillow.

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